ULTIMATE FREEBIES LIST 2021: Freebies For Creatives!

ALL of the FREE resources I use in my workflow for 2021.
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There are a lot of programs, websites and resources that I use in my design workflow, and I have most of them displayed in todays video. You will be surprised that as a creative, how many aspects of my design workflow are free, and even aspects of my career such as video editing and content creation here on YouTube.
You do not need to break the bank or even spend a penny to become a graphic designer, and this list of freebies proves that statement. You will find all of todays graphic design free resources linked below this message, so do give them a click and have a look through what I personally use in my workflow, heading into 2021 as a graphic designer.
In the video I will let you know where to find free fonts, free vectors, free templates, free PSD downloads, free images, free video or stock footage, free illustrations, free mockups, free software and much more!
I am sure there are many more resources that you can find for free, and utilise as a creative or as a designer, but I feel this list is a pretty robust and useful set of resources that you can make use of right now, for free!

If you found todays ultimate freebies list enjoyable or useful, let me know in the comments section and drop a like on your way out. Subscribe to stay updated to all of my uploads and until next time, design your future today, peace

Google Fonts:
Davinci Resolve:
Pexels Video:

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What Makes A Portfolio PROFESSIONAL?:

Will Ai Take Over Graphic Design??

Only 1% Of Designers Know These Illustrator Tips


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