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99 Famous and Powerful Girl Tattoo Ideas For Your First Ink

99 Tiny Girl Tattoo Ideas For Your First Ink

At a time when tiny tattoos reign, new creative patterns, even more, adorable than the next, are born every day. All tattoos, regardless of their size or design, brought with them a negative stigma to the public, especially the corporate world. But now, thanks to open-mindedness and design trends, tiny tattoos have emerged from this gray cloud for almost universal acceptance within society as a whole.

While many young women choose to get bigger and more complex works, there is no doubt that tiny tattoos are by far the most popular tattoo designs among women who are looking for a tattoo for the first time. Why? Well, they are relatively affordable, quick (less painful) and less engaging than a back of a 10-session unicorn climbing a rainbow staircase from the lower back to your neck.

So, if you dream of this first perfect state and where to put it, you will love this list of tattoos for the first time, always so tasty, for women. We hope you enjoy this list as much as we liked creating it.

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This tiny bear.

Tiny Bear by Nando
(Photo: Nando)

This rain cloud.

Rain Cloud by Chaehwa
(Photo: Chaehwa)

This rabbit.

Minimalistic Rabbit by East Iz
(Photo: East Iz)

This paper airplane.

(Photo: East Iz)

This flower.

Small Flower Blossom by Chaehwa
(Photo: Chaehwa)

These birds on a line.

Birds on a Line by Tusz Za Rogiem
(Photo: Tusz Za Rogiem)

This fox.

Fox on Ankle by Banul
(Photo: Banul)

This bumble bee.

Bumble Bee by Jon Boy
(Photo: Jon Boy)

This wrist work.

Nature on Wrist by Chaehwa
(Photo: Chaehwa)


Snoopy by River
(Photo: River)

This gorgeous diamond-shaped landscape in color.

Diamond-shaped landscape in color by Tattooist IDA
(Photo: IDA)

This fun little constellation.

Little constellation tattoo via Sofia
(Photo: Sofia)

This skeleton key.

Skeleton key tattoo by Jude
(Photo: Jude)

This bottle of flowers.

Bottle of flowers tattoo by Fabiana Ventura
(Photo: Fabiana Ventura)

These mountains on ankle.

Mountains on ankle by Hongdam
(Photo: Hongdam)

This back shoulder watercolor butterfly.

Back shoulder butterfly tattoo by Tattoooie
(Photo: Tattoooie)

This beautiful butterfly.

Elegant Butterfly by East Iz

This bird in flight.

Bird in Flight by Banul
(Photo: Banul)

This small sun.

Small Sun by Doy
(Photo: Doy)

These mini Mugunghwa flowers.

Mugunghwa flowers by Nando
(Photo: Nando)

This dragonfly.

Small Dragonfly by Dixie Tattoo
(Photo: Dixie Tattoo)

These elegant koi.

Blackwork Koi by Flower

This camera.

Little Camera

I am.

"I am" by East Iz

This floral ankle work.

Floral Ankle Work by River
(Photo: River)

This seahorse.

Seahorse on Thigh by Hongdam

These flowers in a bottle.

Flowers in a Bottle by Nando

This delightful dolphin.

Dolphin on Wrist by Chaehwa

This blooming flower.

Stages of Bloom by Chaehwa

This back neck piece.

Back Neck Flowers by Nando

This dove.

Small Dove on Finger by East Iz

This amazing heart.

Detailed Heart by Doctor Woo
(Photo: Doctor Woo)

This bird carrying a paintbrush.

Bird with Paintbrush by Doy

This unicorn.

Magical Unicorn by Banul

This pine tree.

Pine Tree by Nando

This tiny plane.

Itty Bitty Plane

This jellyfish.

Jellyfish by Sandy Brudvik
(Photo: Sandy Brudvik)

This deer design.

Deer Design by Karry Ka-Ying Poon

This small flower on ear.

Small Flower on Ear by Chaehwa

This surfer van.

This behind-the-ear flower.

Behind-the-ear floral by Flower Tattooist

This finger tat.

Leaves on finger

This perfect palm.

Palm Tree on Ankle by Hongdam

This clothes hanger.

Clothes Hanger by Chris Weber

This butterfly.

Small Butterfly by East Iz

These waves.

Waves by Jon Boy
(Photo: Jon Boy)

This peach.

Little Peach by River
(Photo: River)

Kitchen knife and chopsticks.

Knife and Chopsticks by Doy

This seashell.

Seashell by Doctor Woo
(Photo: Doctor Woo)

This Platanus leaf.

Platanus Leaf by Doy

This gemstone.

Crystals by Doy

This delicate floral work.

Delicate Floral Ankle Tattoo by Doy

 This dragonfly.

Cute Dragonfly on Wrist

This delicate wrist work.

Star by Jakub Nowicz

This blackwork koi.

Koi by Flower

This Lisianthus flower.

Lisianthus Flower by Banul

This gorgeous dolphin.

Dolphin by Nando

This beautiful butterfly.

Butterfly by Mini Lau

This watercolor paper airplane.

This minimalistic lotus flower.

Minimalistic Lotus Flower on Wrist by Jon Boy

This little cup of coffee.

Hot Cup of Coffee by Rose Bud

This kitty.

Cat Tattoo by Jakub Nowicz

This group gathering.

Birds by Doctor Woo

This skeleton key.

Skeleton Key by East Iz

This amazing anklet.

Amazing Anklet by River
by graffitoo

This blackwork bee.

Blackwork Bee by Doctor Woo

This small flower.

Small Flowers on Ankle by Nando

This blue butterfly.

Blue Butterfly by Banul


Greenery by Hongdam

This detailed moon.

Detailed Moon by Nando

These perched owls.

Perched Owls by East Iz

This lotus.

Lotus Flower on Ankle

This lock and key.

Lock and Key by Chaehwa

This continuous line elephant.

Continuous line elephant by Doy

This anchor.

Anchor by Caglar

This crescent moon.

Crescent Moon by East Iz

 This simple heart.

Simple Heart by Chaehwa

These watercolor balloons.

Watercolor Balloons by Banul

These beads.

Hanging Beads by Doctor Woo

This breathtaking back shoulder work.

Back Shoulder Floral Piece by Nando

This minimalistic bird.

Minimalistic Bird by East Iz

This lightbulb.

Light Bulb by Banul

This crescent moon.

Crescent Moon by Doy

This dotted bow.

Dotted bow by Craft Tattoo

This little flower.

Behind the Ear Flower by Chaehwa

This small camera.

Small Camera

This whale.

Whale by Nando

This stunning hydrangea.

Stunning Hydrangea by Banul

This dog.

Minimalistic Dog by East Iz

This back neck piece.

Back Neck Leaves by East Iz

This floral sprig.

Floral Sprig by River


Saturn by East Iz

This smiley face.


These matching lotus flowers.

Lotus Flowers by Jon Boy

This pineapple.

Small Pineapple Tattoo on Finger

This small ankle piece.

Small Ankle Tat by Dain

This white rabbit.

White Rabbit by Doy

This shoulder piece.

Funny Shoulder Piece by Chaehwa

This sun.

Small Sun by Jon Boy

This behind-the-ear floral work.

Behind-the-ear floral tattoo by Nando

This tiny bunny.

Tiny Bunny by JAY Shin

This watercolor wave.

Watercolor Wave on Wrist by River
photo : graffittoo

This crescent moon.

Crescent Moon by Flower
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