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Tattooed Parents – 5 Things You Know to be True

Whether you had your first contact with a tattoo machine long before you answered your father or mother, or you started your love affair with inking since you had children, here are 5 things that all Tattooed parents can understand.

tattooed parents

1-Having tattoos as a parent allows you to be judged even before you open your mouth
Unfortunately, even though we are in 2018, tattoos still serve as shortcuts to some stereotypes for some people. Most heavily tattooed moms and dads will have felt a critical look staring at them through the playground and being gossiped. You can be lazily called “the one with tattoos” and people will make assumptions about your lifestyle before you even speak with you. Some will automatically assume that, because you are within 10 meters of a tattoo machine (and you are a tattooed parent), you drive a motorcycle and listen exclusively to heavy metal. Those who are even more cunning may think that you can not have a professional career with a good income because of the way you choose to display your art. It’s hard to be judged as it is, but it’s even more shocking to know that people make unfair assumptions about you when you drop your kids in school.

2-You will be constantly asked if you are going, your tattoos will be erased now that you are a parent
When you commit to getting tattooed, you are well aware that they will accompany you all your life; including the years you spend as a tattooed parent. Unfortunately, that does not prevent people from asking you if you have ever considered having them removed since you have children. Why would you want to spend hundreds or even thousands of pounds and hours of pain to create beautiful art all over your body, only to have a child and suddenly decide that you want to endure the pain of the laser? Becoming a parent does not mean that you suddenly change your whole image and personality and why change it? Being heavily tattooed has no impact on how you raise your children. In fact, it may only teach them not to judge others according to appearances.

tattoed parents

3-You must constantly answer unnecessary questions about how to raise your children
“No, of course, I will not let my child get a tattoo before 18,” you hear a stranger say for the hundredth time. For some reason, people seem to think that they can ask these kinds of questions that they would not ask those who do not have a tattoo, and that’s ridiculous. The fact that your tattooed parent does not mean that your child’s toy box is full of needles and a tattoo machine with which he can play. If your child decides to be tattooed at age 18, it’s his choice – as for children of parents who do not have one.

4-We’ll assume you’re a “cool parent”
And hey, it’s not a bad thing at all. You could be the strictest and most embarrassing mother or father … but when your boyfriends frame your beautiful sleeve, they’ll assume you’re not like other lame parents. They will work fast enough so that tattooed parents always impose rules and curfews – but it’s fun as long as it lasts.

5-It’s great to be able to put your child’s drawing inked on you
If you are lucky enough to have free space on your body, you may be able to make a small drawing with your child’s permission.

tattooed parents
The Tattoo’s own tattoo – drawn by her 12-year-old daughter and beautifully tattooed by Hannah Aitchison

Some will only stick the works of their children on their fridge, you can wear yours on your body for the rest of your life, which is worth all the eyes judged on the playground.

And you? Have you had any of these experiences as tattooed parents?

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