shadee shodda oratt gaandd kiuu marwatee hai | pak health care | smarty action

shadee shodda oratt gaandd kiuu marwatee hai | pak health care | smarty action


This is an educational channel. Specially working for the purpose of Human Issues spreading light. All of the tips are taken Thus you can acquire benefit from it.
Islamic scholar’s videos are uploaded. In which the method of performing Wudhu, Islamic statement, prayers and complete information about Sunnah Hadith is given.
Health education is provided. All the organs of the body are described. Education is given on all physical ailments. So that people can live a healthy life. Greek manuscripts are taught in full Asan Desi Nuskhe And Punjabi nuskhe
No need to worry. Get in touch with us. Watch the videos and meet your needs. Subscribe it and take advantage as much as you can.
Daily upload videos on This Topics.

Education on these topics
Human Issues
New Bayan
Islamic Bayan
Tib E Nabvi Se Ilaj
New Information
Health Diseases In Hindi
Food Digestion In Human Body In Hindi
Health And Physical Education

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