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Wonderful and Unique Heart Tattoos for Men

In today’s society, bomb tattooing is the recent trend observed by many men. Although different men tattoo different tattoos for different reasons, the main meaning of these tattoos remains a mystery to many tattoo lovers. The good news, however, lies in the fact that tattoo experts and designers have found a different meaning to describe some tattoos.

Although different tattoo designs are available, too common heart tattoo takes bragging rights. Men’s heart tattoos have the same heart shape or love, the difference being the additional features found on tattoos. The following are the common heart tattoos for men and their meanings.

Celtic Heart Tattoos

In ancient times, the Celtic people were known for their strength and unity. The Celtic heart tattoo simply means strength and unity. The man who rocks the tattoo can be a bouncer or a guy who loves unity. Unlike the common heart tattoo, the Celtic heart is composed of 4 different patterns, namely crosses, knots, steps, and spirals.

Lock and Heart Tattoo

These types of tattoos usually consist of a heart and a lock. This simply represents eternal love and tenderness. The person from whom the tattoo is drawn is the only person who can unlock or open the lock.

Flaming Heart Tattoos

A tattoo of inflamed heart means a burning feeling that is in this case love. The man who tilts the tattoo can be described as a passionate man who has a great feeling towards his better half. The tattoo is usually drawn as the normal heart. The only difference is that the flames of fire are included in the highest part of the heart.

Broken Heart Tattoos

As the name suggests, the broken heart tattoo simply means a broken heart. The man wearing the tattoo may have gone through a difficult time in his life, such as losing a loved one due to relationship breakdown or death. The tattoo simply indicates that the guy is sad in one way or another.

Winged Heart Tattoos

The winged heart tattoo is basically a heart tattoo with wings on both sides. These types of tattoos symbolize freedom and free spirit. The men who usually sway these tattoos may have been subjected to certain things that prevented them from living their lives to the full. Maybe it could have been a jail sentence or an addiction.

Stitched Heart Tattoo

A tattooed heart tattoo is a type of tattoo that has visible stitches, either around the heart or at specific places in the heart. These tattoos are simply a kind of pain that the man has gone through at some point in his life. Tattooing can also mean a healing process that the man is undergoing at the hands of another person.

Black Heart Tattoo

As we all know, the color black symbolizes a dark experience, past or present. The tattoo is used to represent the loss of a loved one, as in the case of a broken heart tattoo. As a clear indication of their loss, many men also include wings on these black-heart tattoos.

Discover the best heart tattoos for men


This is a simple tattoo and a great idea for a small tattoo on the wrist or ankle. The image is a heart that is well shaded and reminiscent of childhood memories. This heart tattoo can represent anything because you will make it unique.


This large tattoo is ideal for the back or chest. He has complex details that portray the heart as a bottle of hot water. The heart is contracted by barbed wire and bleeds. On the other hand, the rays in the background are positive and show shadows of clouds and fire. With the words “No heart, no art”, he sends his message.


This tattoo of a heart is drawn in a true comic style. This great tattoo idea also has a sense of humor with the words “pretty pathetic”. The words are written on a metal banner across the heart. Of course, you can choose your own words to make this heart tattoo for men even more unique.


This bright red tattoo represents a broken heart. It has a comic side that looks like a ghost and can also be seen as a normal shadow. The coloring technique secures the tattoo appear with a hint of felt, although it is a real tattoo. This idea of ​​a tattoo is also unique because the heartbreaks on the side and not in the center.


A tattoo of the heart of tribal inspiration. Everything is black with continuous lines and dots. This heart tattoo design is perfect for the wrist, shoulder, arm or even leg. The tattoo does not complete to form a heart. It is rather the shadow of a very symbolic heart.


This graffiti tattoo takes the image of a pirate flag and replaces the skull with a broken heart. Made in bright colors, it’s a great idea for tattooing a man’s heart. While the lines are black, the yellow and red colors blend into each other. This gives the tattoo an extra special effect.


This black heart is torn and bleeding. The image of the heart is then sewn. This idea of ​​heart tattoo has great meaning, as well as art. The great work of shading makes the male tattoo appear in three dimensions. An excellent piece for any part of the body.


This simple arm tattoo is an excellent message. The words “Things that are broken must be repaired” cross the arm to the broken heart. The tattoo is created as if the words were the chain that brings the heart together. A powerful message and a great tattoo idea for men.


This classic tattoo “I love Mum” has a twist. It has the standard image of a heart with a banner on which is written “Mom”. However, if you take a closer look, you may notice that it appears painted. This special technique makes the arm a real backdrop for an oil painting.


This complex tattoo in black and white is done with a lot of details. The heart is bright red, which distinguishes it. Shading gives the heart, roses, and crown a realistic appearance. A great tattoo idea of ​​heart for the chest, back or shoulder as it is great.


This is a futuristic heart. Although done simply, it has a great effect. The heart looks like a microchip that is imprinted on the skin and a part of the body. Perhaps could be great in green, but either way, it is
still a great heart tattoo for men.


This large chest tattoo is the most realistic depiction of a heart. An actual heart is outlined as are the claws in the background. The color
is found in the veins which are colored and shaded to appear realistic as if looking into the man’s chest.


A great depiction of the biological heart. It is romanticized with the flowers and the ink. The words read “swing life away”. This heart tattoo is a piece of art on the skin. You can, naturally, change the words to make your own statement. An inspiring tattoo idea for men.


This heart tattoo is an image of the actual heart from medical textbooks.
The numbers represent different parts of the heart which are explained in the medical books. A great tattoo idea for medical students and
surgeons, but also for anyone who views themselves as logical above all


This heart tattoo takes all the greatest loves in a man’s life and combines them. Mum, Dad, and RPG games. The heart looks like a life potion in many games and the words are written on scrolls. Both a humorous and an honest tattoo. The colors of this tattoo are purposefully faded to appear like written on ancient paper.

This the dark tattoo takes symbolism from cults or anarchy. The many angular shapes are red with a black border. They combine to create a large and powerful heart. The dark heart is perfectly symmetrical. This large
tattoo is a great design for a men’s heart tattoo.

These twin hearts are a simple and elegant show of love. A great “his” and “hers” heart tattoo that is minimal. A simple dark outline of two hearts on each wrist has a great effect. This is suitable for anyone which makes it a great heart tattoo design.


Figure 88 is an image known to all medical students. It is a realistic representation of the heart. Done in black and white, this tattoo not only resembles the image but is identical to it. The many details and lined shading make it appear exactly like the medical drawing.


A sailor tattoo with a twist. This iconic image of an anchor with a tattoo is made modern with the new detail and images. Within the heart, there is an emergency image of a lighthouse. The anchor itself is artfully colored but remains purposefully flat. This men’s tattoo idea traditionally goes on the forearm.


This men’s heart tattoo is very realistic. The heart itself looks almost like a black and white photograph. The arrows represent the direction of the blood flow from the veins and arteries. The enlarged heart turned to the side. A great heart tattoo idea.


This heart tattoo is rather a negative of a heart than an image of one. It looks like paint was splattered and an image was drawn over the heart, and then the heart was removed. The ink looks realistic. Although a relatively simple black tattoo, it is unique and complex. A great tattoo design for men.


This tattoo is an image of a realistic heart. Although done in black and white, the shadowing gives it a 3-dimensional look. The details in the cut aorta and vena cava add to the realistic aspect. This is a great design for a men’s heart tattoo.


This black and white tattoo looks more like a photograph than a drawing. The great shadowing technique that is used makes the heart appear 3-dimensional. The realistic image of the biological heart wears a heart and has a royal wreath behind it. A king’s heart depicted in a tattoo.


This tattoo holds a great message. The image of a biological heart is drawn with great detail adding to the realism. Holding the heart with strings is a ghost hand that has great depth and dimension. A work of art with a powerful story. This men’s heart tattoo is a great design idea.


This heart tattoo is a depiction of the biological heart. The thick lines give the appearance that the heart was drawn with a pen. The shadowing that is done is identical to the shading in many medical books. A great tattoo design for a men’s heart tattoo.


A heart tattoo that features a flaming heart with a rosary hanging around it and a pair of wings. This tattoo is most definitely linked to Christianity. The rosary is associated with the Catholic. Therefore, it could symbolize love or devotion to Christianity.


This tattoo has a light red color, along with branches spreading out to make it look like a tree. It has a skull at the base of the heart. It could symbolize a love that lives forever. The skull can be a sign of eternity at some point.


The design of this tattoo makes it unique and have a strong meaning too. The oil derrick pump might be a sign of pain. The wearer could be passing the message that many people have exhausted or abused his love, more of a heartbreak


The heart and key in this tattoo are most definitely connected to love. It shows someone owns or has locked the heart of the tattoo wearer. For that, it might be a sign of devotion to love by the wearer of the tattoo.


The watercolors splash in this tattoo could be a sign of the wearer’s love for especially. Alternatively, it could mean that the wearer is in love with a painter or art lover. Either way, it looks elegant with the color splash.


The hands that engulf the heart in this tattoo could have different meanings. Most probably, it warns that the guy needs a person to handle his heart with care. It could mean that the heart is protected by someone special.


This tattoo design shows a heart on the leg of the guy. It could be a sign that the wearer will walk with the love of his life everywhere he goes. There is no much details or design, other than the real design of a human’s heart.


This is another heart tattoo for men, which features a classy design with a deep meaning. The arrows through it might show deep passion. Probably it is a survival of a heartbreak or something else, so the wearer is celebrating a victory.


This tattoo features an eagle, a crown and heart with an arrow through it. It symbolizes a blend of wisdom, might, supremacy, and deep passion. The red-colored heart shows a strong love expressed by the wearer, especially since it is applied to the chest.


The three arrows going through the black-colored heart could be a sign of pain and heartbreak. The wearer of this tattoo is expressing the pain he has gone through in love. Most probably in three different relationships. Everything is black-colored in the tattoo.


This one stands as among the most unique heart tattoo ideas. It has a rich taste of art, which appears to be a heart and a machine that is located under the skin of the wearer. The color blend and artwork makes it superb.


This is yet another tattoo that has a unique design. The combination of the orange roses, the black-colored heart, and the tribal effects make it amazing. It fills the entire chest area, from the left shoulder to the right shoulder.


The red flower and the heart in this tattoo give it different meanings, especially the writings. The term, Swing Life Away, might mean that the wearer is living life freely without worrying about anything, mostly due to a heartbreak.


This guy is crazily in love, and he shows his affection with the tattoo featuring a heart that has an Elastoplast. It could be a sign showing a healed heart and total dedication to the new love life, following a heartbreak.


This is also among the heart tattoos that is simple but has a deep meaning. The different blue and red colors, along with a dove might be used to symbolize the existence of peace and love, regardless of the disparities present.


This one is another heart tattoos idea that is elegant in the design, and the meaning is also deep. The heart that has wings and some flowers show a divine love that is protected. The flower adds some elegance to the tattoo.


This heart tattoo design shows a heart that has branches and a root to symbolize a love that has grown for long until it has produced fruits. It is meant for those that have been in love for long enough and maybe have kids.


This one is more of love that depends on a different piece to be complete. Even the color pattern and the jigsaw pieces design shows that the two pieces need to be together for that love to be one.


The heart in this tattoo appears to be broken, but it has been fixed and is in the process of healing. The bird carries the needle, and the thread passes through the heart to strengthen it. The patches and the thread are applied with a stylish 3D effect.


The heart here shows a deep passion and love for a person. The tribal effect adds an extra meaning, but it also makes it look classy and unique in the design. It goes well on the calf, but it can fit anywhere.


This one of the heart tattoos for guys who are deeply rooted and devoted to their family. The heart has some rich art details, with the names of the wife and kids. The words, Family Forever, speaks everything about this tattoo.


This tattoo features a heart that has wings and a flame burning on it. It could be linked to spirituality, and it might also be used to signify a love that burns forever. The colors of burning flames make the tattoo more elegant.


This one has a heart with a keyhole. Obviously, the wearer means that there is someone who holds the key to his heart. It might mean that he is single, or the partner could have a similar tattoo, but with a key added.


The wings in this tattoo resemble that of an angel, and this could be one of the tattoo ideas for men that value their faith and spirituality. It might show total devotion to Christianity or the wearer could be saying that his heart is protected by an angel.


This one is a unique heart tattoos idea that features a heart deep in the waters, with sharks fighting to swallow it. The general 3D effect of the tattoo makes it elegant, with the deep blue sea color. The artistic aspect is eye-catching.

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