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Chegg offers a host of services for the ultimate convenience of students. Textbooks on hire, online courses with reviews, 24/7 support for problem solving and homework, and tutor guidance for entrance test preparation or job interview. All this and much more offered at $14.95 per month.

Chegg free trial

All new students receive a free trial to try working with our tutors. 

You can claim your free trial here:

Does every student get a free trial?

Every new student gets a free trial in their first week! All students receive 30 minutes of free time their first week to try out working with our tutors.

Why was I charged during my free trial?

The free trial gives you 30 minutes of free time your first week, so if you use more than that amount of time towards tutoring the first week, you will be billed for the overage minutes. These overage minutes will be billed at your subscription plan’s overage rate.

Can I cancel during my free trial, before any charges are made?

You can cancel your tutoring subscription plan at any time, including during your first week. If you cancel during the first week, without exceeding your allocated free minutes, no charges to your account will be made.

You can cancel your subscription here:

Just choose the no subscription option (Pay-as-you-go) to end weekly billing.

What if I just want to try one lesson and don’t want a subscription?

To work with a tutor on Chegg Tutors, you are required to subscribe to a plan with us–it’s the only way to begin your free trial. However, you can cancel the subscription at any time without a fee. So you’re welcome to cancel after your first lesson, and if you do so within the first week, no subscription fees will be charged to the account.

You can cancel your subscription here:

Just choose the no subscription option (Pay-as-you-go) to end weekly billing.

I had a free trial, but now it’s gone

We only offer one free trial per person. If you sign up for a second free trial, the free minutes will be removed from the account. If this has occurred, you’ll receive an email from us explaining that we’ve removed the minutes. We recommend checking your email inbox for this message from us.

Is tutoring included in my Chegg Study membership?

Tutoring is not included in your Chegg Study membership. 

You can view and adjust your various services at

How do I cancel my tutoring subscription?

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How do I cancel my tutoring subscription?

You can convert your tutoring subscription to Pay-as-you-go to cancel weekly billing. That way, you will only be charged for tutoring minutes if/when you use them. 

Here’s how to do that: 

  1. ​​​​​​To see your Chegg Tutors billing and subscription information, sign in to your Chegg account and go to My account > Orders.
  2. Under Subscriptions, scroll down till you see Chegg Tutors. Click Edit plan:
  3. On the next screen, click the PAY-AS-YOU-GO option and then Save changes:

Once you complete these steps, your subscription will be deactivated and you will not see a recurring charge on your account. You will only be charged if and when you use Chegg Tutors in the future.   

Credit unused tutoring minutes

When you cancel your subscription, you can request credit for your unused tutoring minutes.

To submit this request, click the email icon below this answer. Under Subject, select Billing Question and in the Message space, specify whether you want your credit in the form of tutoring minutes or a refund back to your credit card/bank account. 

You will receive an email confirmation once the unused minutes have been credited. 

How much does tutoring cost?

We offer to tutor in the form of weekly and monthly subscription plans, or a pay-as-you-go plan.

You can view all the pricing options here:

Why was I overcharged by Chegg Tutors?

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Why was I overcharged by Chegg Tutors?

When you use Chegg Tutors, you will only be charged for the tutor time/lessons that you use.

When you request a live or a written lesson, Chegg may authorize anticipated charges and taxes from your credit card or other payment methods. This is sometimes referred to as an ‘authorization hold’ and these funds may not be available for your use. 

If the fees for your lesson exceed the authorization hold, we may automatically request additional authorization holds. This will look like ‘multiple charges’ on your account. After your lesson ends, the authorization hold for the amount that was not utilized will be released back to your card/account per the rules of your credit card provider. 


Chegg releases the authorization hold as soon as your lesson is over, but the timeframe for an authorization hold to be removed depends on the policies of your financial institution. Most students report that these holds are removed within 7 business days. In the rare instance that a hold was not released even after 7 days have passed, get in touch with your bank.

How do I delete my credit card from my Chegg Tutors account?

How do I delete my credit card from my Chegg Tutors account?

If you have an account with Chegg Tutors, you will need to list at least one credit card/other payment methods on your account. 

To delete a credit card from your Chegg Tutors account, click the email icon at the end of this answer. Enter your information in the form that appears, and under Subject, select Account Deletion. Under Message, use this text: Please remove my credit card information from this account. The last four digits of my card are: <insert the digits here>

Note: Your credit card information will only be deleted if you have at least one other card/valid payment method listed on your account. 

If you just want to change/update the credit card attached to your Chegg Tutors account, this is how you do it. 

I didn’t use my tutoring minutes. Can I get them back?

I didn’t use my tutoring minutes. Can I get them back?

We’re always more than happy to roll over unused subscription minutes, in case you missed using them during any given subscription period. To request a rollover, please submit a request here. (You’ll want to choose “Rollover Request” as your request type.)

Just charged, but meant to cancel?

You can cancel your subscription on your My Account page. Just select the Cancel membership link under Chegg Tutors in the Subscriptions section.

If you meant to cancel before this most recent subscription charge went through, we’re able to convert your prepaid minutes to pay-as-you-go minutes on Chegg Tutoring. That way, the minutes you’ve paid for will remain on your account indefinitely. They won’t be removed at the end of your week or month. You’ll have the minutes in your account until you use them towards tutoring or to pay for a new tutoring subscription anytime in the future.

Click here to request this (you’ll want to choose “Rollover Request” as your request type, and simply indicate that you’ve canceled and want these minutes converted to pay-as-you-go).

I forgot to cancel my subscription and was charged my subscription fee. What do I do?

I forgot to cancel my subscription and was charged my subscription fee. What do I do?

Follow these steps to cancel your Chegg Tutors subscription. 

In case you wanted to cancel your subscription before this most recent charge went through, first, cancel your subscription, and then your unused minutes can be rolled over to pay-as-you-go minutes. That way, those minutes will remain on your account until you use them towards tutoring. They won’t disappear at the end of any week or month and you will not be charged again for a subscription.

To request a rollover, click the email icon below this answer and fill in the form fields. Under Subject, select Rollover Request, and under Message, include this text: I’ve canceled my Chegg Tutors subscription and I want my leftover minutes to be converted to pay-as-you-go. 

After filling in all the form fields, click Send Email. We will restore your unused minutes to your account and send you an email confirmation.

What information do you use if I sign up for tutoring with Facebook?

What information do you use if I sign up for tutoring with Facebook?

We offer to sign up with Facebook as an option solely to make things a little more streamlined for our members. If you choose to use Facebook Connect, we’ll pull in your name, email address, birthday and education history. None of this is displayed publicly.

Need more information? Submit a request here and we’ll get back to you within 1 business day. 

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