I know we have all hit on one of those sites where you go thinking you are getting a freebie and the next thing you know you are in an endless loop of surveys.

I am here to tell you that those are NOT the way to get free samples. Freebies are available regularly online and I post them all day long on my other social channels as I find them.

In this video I kind of explain how to get them, how they work, where you can find free samples and how I got started in this whole world of freebies!

As I state in the video, YT is a really hard platform for me to be able to use and show you guys each freebie that is available. I have a list you can go by (linked below), but lots will just be available for a few minutes before they are all claimed so they have to be claimed FAST!

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List of Available Free Samples:

All of my samples come from Julie’s Freebies (This is my site where I blog) ! You can check that page daily for new freebies on the home page at

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